The Most Effective, Strategic and Competitive Brand Communications

Brand Communications to Amplify Your Competitive Advantage and to Bring Forth Your Superior Value. 

Why Us

Building Brands To Attract Revenues

Our focus is to help our clients win transactions. We are not after "sick" layouts or "cool" animatics or any of the"nonsense" that is out there like Brand DNA, Brand Architecture or Brand Spirit.

Pragmatics. Not Fantasy.

We utilize principles of economics and human biology as a foundation for boosting our client's superior value & enterprise value. We are a "practice" not a creative boutique. 

The Most Effective, Strategic and Competitive Narratives

Our mission is to put distance between you and your competitors so that you win transactions and build a powerful company.  It's our strategic objective.

Colonize Your Future

Tell Us About Your Future

When we craft our communications for you we do so with your end game in mind.So tell us about the future you are trying to create and we will work with you to make that future show up.

All About The Narrative

 You will need narratives of your why, your accomplishments, your ethics, your value, your competitors, your strategy and why "right now" your customers need to act. We can help.  

Practiced Coherence

When we craft your stories & design your communications we will make sure they are consistent &  coherent with principles, laws and mechanisms, and competitive in the marketplace. 

Select The Channels

We create communications for sales, marketing, social media, human resources, employees, management, boards and investors. Everything websites, blogs and social media, to ads, videos, white papers, manifestos, speeches and Powerpoint.  

Be Woke

Once you have been awakened to the power of well-crafted narrative we help you hold your story through multiple channels and various horizons of time to help you build power in the marketplace. 

Mood Is Everything

Our attitude and posture in the marketplace is to help you always be competing, always be enhancing your competitive advantages and to always help you enhance your superior value.

The Commitment Called David Haifleigh

I Am a Commitment to Help You Compete

I was born in Hamtramck, Michigan. Many people think of it as the armpit of Detroit. I think of it as the place that put a chip on my shoulder. I have things to prove. I have been competing all my life and I have developed very uncommon, very competitive skills that can help your business thrive.

We Are a Commitment to Help You Build Your Business

You can't produce a big future or a big business alone. You're going to need help. Lots of it. When we write your business narratives (tell your story) we do it in a way that attracts the best employees and the best customers to what you do best. Our network of designers, coders, videographers, art directors, infographic specialists and social media experts are top notch and 24/7/365.  

We Are a Commitment to Help You Win Transactions

First and foremost we have to tell your story in a way that triggers your customers into believing that what you have to offer is more important, more practical and more worthwhile than your competitors. 

Proof of Knowledge

Only accomplishment is proof of knowledge. Everything else is crap. Really. 15 times in my career we have helped our clients increase the enterprise value of their business to a point that triggered an equity event. That's where the real money shows up. And I have had my own business for 15 years earning top income. 

Accomplished Writer of Narratives

In addition to helping our clients make money with the sale or transfer of their businesses, we have been honored with more than 300 sales & marketing awards from the National Association of  Homebuilders.We have been honored for creating the Best Newspaper Ad in the country, the Best Jewelry Brand Campaign in the country, and Best of Show from the Denver Ad Federation. Other people say that what we do is very effective. 

Experienced/Up To Speed/Ready

30+ years in the business. Very uncommon and powerful Aji education. Sold real estate. Built custom homes. Worked at Barnhart, Publicis, MilesBrand and currently owns three businesses --  HaifleighBrandWorks, TheFutureWorks, & Glosophy. And I am always ready to help you compete more effectively, strategically and competitively in the marketplace and in life.

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Tell us about the future you are trying to create and we'll  help you get there. 


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Tell Us About The Future You're Trying To Create